Resume a Test

When a student starts a test and for some reason the test crashes or times out, that test can be resumed. This means that the student can continue taking the same test and does not have to start over with a new attempt.

Tests should be resumed immediately. Students are not to study before resuming the attempt. This should be one continuous test attempt. If the student studies, he or she could go back and change previous answers, thus making the attempt invalid. If the student feels that they do not want to resume a test, they can always start over.

Proctors will have to call the CIL Director at (435) 797-7050. Students will then have five minutes to resume the test.

For performance based tests, be sure that students do not misplace the document or spreadsheet or presentation, otherwise the test cannot be resumed. When the test is resumed, the instructions will show up again and then the student can continue working on the existing file.

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