• Students are not to communicate with others.
  • Students must be watched the entire time while tests are being taken.
  • Students may not ask questions about what they are being tested on. You may answer questions about test procedures.
  • You may not offer help to students regarding information they are being tested on.
  • Students are not to use or write notes during a test.
  • Students are not to use books while taking a test.
  • Students are not to handle tests for any reason.
  • Students must not be able to see other students' computers who are taking the same test.
  • Please designate an area of the room for students who are taking tests to place their belongings. Students should not have anything with them at the computer while they are testing.
  • Sometimes foreign students will ask to use a language dictionary. They may not use electronic dictionaries, but bound dictionaries are allowed. You must look through the dictionary and make sure there are no loose papers or notes in the dictionary.
  • Do not allow students who are studying for a test to sit next to someone who is taking that same test.
  • While students take their test, it is very important that they do not use outside sources. It is up to you to ensure this does not happen.

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