Test Administration

When students come in to take a test, check their ID to verify students are who they say they are.
Before a test can be taken, it needs to be unlocked. You will be able to unlock tests once you have had your account created and enabled by the CIL Director. He will verify this with you.
To unlock a test, first have a student login to iNetTest. This is done by opening a browser, going to ciltest.usu.edu, and clicking the Start button. Verify that the student is in the "6 CIL Tests" group, and click the label to expand the group. This will allow you to see the tests available for this student. Click the name of the test the student desires to take, and a lightbox will appear (dark with a bright window in the middle of the screen) that will contain information about the test. Scroll down in the box, and enter your A-number and Banner password into the fields and click the "Proctor Unlock" button. If everything works correctly, the yellow "Take Test" buttons will appear. 

After a test is unlocked for the student, assign the student to a computer where you can watch the test being taken.
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