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In order to establish a CIL account and begin taking the CIL tests, you should have an Aggiemail account.  You can use an off campus email address if you like, but emails from our office may be filtered into the spam folder, so Aggiemail is recommended. The email address that is marked as preferred in Banner will be the one we use to communicate with you. Before you come in to take tests, login to iNetTest with your A-number and Banner password to activate your testing account and register for the CIL tests. You may also login at any time from any computer to check your results for tests you have already taken.

When you actually come to the lab to take the tests, you must bring your active USU student ID card with you. If your card has been lost, you will need to go to the card office (TSC 212) to get a replacement. Often times, lost cards are turned into the card office waiting to be claimed, so you may not even need to get a new one.

There is no limit to the number of times a student can take each test. Once a test is passed, a student may not re-take that test. Once all six CIL tests have been passed and the fee has been paid, the CIL requirement is met and will be posted to the student’s transcript.

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