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USU Testing, Assessment and Remediation Laboratory

While Computer and Information Literacy (CIL) is no longer a USU requirement, such literacy is still a requirement at other schools. If you have entered this site to review CIL requirements or to take a CIL test, please go to

Currently, some departments and/or classes are using the TARLab facility (ESLC 131) as a testing Lab. Over time, we expect more departments will use this facility for such purposes. Tests using either Canvas or iNetTest can be delivered in this lab. In order to take a Canvas-based test, you must have an account assigned through BANNER, and associated with a specific class or classes. An iNetTest-based test likewise requires an account linked to BANNER. If you do not already have an iNetTest account the first time you log into iNetTest establishes your account. You can log into iNetTest by typing in a Mozilla (Firefox) browser. Your account is your A-number and your password is your BANNER password.

If you are taking a computer-based test at the direction of your instructor, whether it be using canvas or iNetTest, you should have already received the needed instructions. Just come to ESLC131 and follow the directions given to you. If you have questions, ask a consultant within the Lab. You may also contact Dr. Dan Watson. (

There are standardized computer-based tests given to students in the TARLab as prerequisite exams for classes.

The grammar exam for MIS 2200 is no longer a requirement because the course has changed to 3200. The prerequisite for 3200 is ENGL 2010 with a C  grade or better.

If you are taking the EDUC/PSY 6600 assessment exam, please click on the link below for further instructions.


EDUC/PSY 6600 Assessment Examination

If you have completed a test using iNettest and you wish to review your score or re-examine your test questions (if enabled by your instructor) you can simply log back into iNetTest ( in a Mozilla Browser or click on the link Below 

     Login to iNetTest

Hours of operation (excluding Holidays and Spring Break)

Monday - Friday : 7:30 AM - 12:00 Midnight

Saturday : 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Sunday : 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM