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EDUC/PSY 6600 Assessment Examination

This test will assess your understanding of the statistics needed to be successful in EDUC/PSY 6600. This test is given through iNetTest. There is no charge to take this test. When completed, your score is automatically e-mailed to the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Education. To take this test:

  1. Go to ESLC 131 and check in with the consultant. You will need your student id.

  2. Log into iNetTest using the Mozilla (Firefox) browser.

  3. Once logged in, if you see the button for “Statistics (EDUC/PSY 6600)” you will need to ask the proctor to unlock this test for you.

  4. Once the proctor has unlocked the test, by clicking on the EDUC/PSY button you will see a button to “Take Test.” Click on this button and begin the test.

  5. Once logged in, if you do not see the button for “Statistics (EDUC/PSY 6600)” you will need to register for that test. In the upper right of the My Tests window click on the “Register for Tests” link. This will bring up a list of tests that you can register to take. Click on the check box next to “Statistics (EDUC/PSY 6600)” to register for the test. Then click on the register button. You should now see this test added to your list of available tests. Go back to step (3) above and continue.