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USS TARLab MIS 2200 Entrance Examination

In order to register for MIS 2200 (Business Communication), a student must pass the MIS 2200 Entrance Examination. This examination is a computer-based test (iNetTest delivered) given in the TARLab (ESLC 131). The requirements for this exam are as follows:

  1. Passing score is >= 75%
  2. The test can be re-taken a maximum of three times. Additional retakes must be approved by Ruth Harrison ( Director of Undergraduate Programs, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
  3. Prior to taking the exam, and for each re-take, a student must pay a $5.00 testing fee.
  4. When the test is passed, the student’s name, A-Number, and score are automatically sent to Ruth Harrison, who then changes their transcript so that they can register for  MIS2200.

Steps to take the exam:

  1. While you are certainly welcome to take the exam without studying or review, we do have some review materials that you might want to examine. The materials are:
  2. Click on the MIS Exam Fee Form and print it. Then fill in the form and take it to TSC 248 to pay your $5.00 fee. 
  3. Take your receipt to ESLC 131 along with your student ID card, and present them to the consultant.
  4. Go to one of the computers in ESLC 131 and log onto iNetTest. This is done by bringing up a Firefox browser and inputting the Web location: Your username is your A-Number and your password is your Banner password. You may alternately just click on this Link:
  5. Even if you have never previously logged into iNetTest, you will have an account. If you do not see the Business Communications test on your page, click on the link (upper right of the window) labeled “Register for Tests”, and select the Business Communications Test to include it as one of your tests to be taken.
  6. Once registered, you should see a Business Communications (MIS 2200) button. Click on that button and follow the directions.
  7. In order to actually take the test you will need a consultant to make that test active for you. When you presented your registration fee form, the consultant should have enabled the test for you to take it. If it was not one of the tests you are registered to take (see step 5), then the consultant must wait until you have added it to your list. If the test is not active, ask the consultant to make it so.
  8. When you have completed the test, exit and your test will be graded. Your score will be shown to you and sent to the Undergraduate Business Adviser.
  9. If your score is 75% or greater, you will be able to register for MIS 2200 as soon as your transcript is marked. That may take up to one full working day. If you have received a grade below 75%, you may retake the test as soon as an additional test fee ($5.00) is paid and the receipt is presented to the consultant. While there is no waiting time for a re-take, it is suggested that you review the study materials before a re-take.