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Frequently Asked Questions

All the information necessary to pass the tests is included in the CIL website, including the FAQs. Please review the site and let us know if you have a question that is not answered. We cannot be held responsible for issues that arise due to a lack of understanding of CIL policies by students that have not reviewed the entire CIL website.

Available Help

There are university courses for which credit can be earned, as well as free Short Courses that are held on campus, that cover the material necessary to pass the tests. Most students just review the online tutorials. If you have been to a short course, been into the lab and gotten help from a CIL lab consultant, and reviewed the online tutorial for a given CIL test and still haven't been able to complete the test you're trying to complete, feel free to come in and visit the CIL Director in ESLC 044B who will give you one-on-one assistance. You can arrange an appointment with the CIL Director beforehand, or you just drop in, but the CIL Director isn't always at his desk, so no promises if you go that route.
Email the question to a CIL consultant at Be sure you have read through these web pages. Many of the answers can be found within them. Your questions will be answered within 48 hours.
All CIL Lab consultants are required to be friendly, courteous, and competent in their duties. If a student feels that this is not the case with a particular consultant, please contact the CIL Director detailing the circumstances of the matter. You may do this through email or by filling out a card in the comment box outside of the CIL Lab with the consultant’s name and the time at which the problem occurred, so that there is a written or electronic record of your issue. Feel free to fill out a card if you received exemplary service as well!
The Information Law & Ethics examination contains general information about the laws and ethics of computer use and information access. The best place to find information about it is the test's tutorial. Each of the tests has a tutorial and some have practice tests to help you prepare.