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Frequently Asked Questions

All the information necessary to pass the tests is included in the CIL website, including the FAQs. Please review the site and let us know if you have a question that is not answered. We cannot be held responsible for issues that arise due to a lack of understanding of CIL policies by students that have not reviewed the entire CIL website.


Every extension site should have one or more proctors and/or a director that already know the proctoring procedures. They should have the information on becoming a proctor. If not, please call the CIL Director at 435-797-7050 for more information.

Please help the students by only proctoring a test if you are certified to do so. Do not share your information with someone that is not certified so they can call and impersonate you. This only hurts the students by increasing the likelihood of something going wrong and wasting the student's time.

The CIL Lab will administer any USU course test. The tests may be paper-based or web-based through WebCT (Blackboard), Syllabase, or other third-party testing tools. An instructor may also request to have their test set up in iNetTest, CIL's own testing software. We can import class lists from Banner to automatically create accounts in iNetTest for students enrolled in a course.

Benefits to using iNetTest include:

  • a proctored computer lab where students can take a test on their own time in a given week or other time period, saving classroom time for instruction
  • various randomization and question bank options so two students sitting right next to each other could be taking the same test but they would look completely different, making cheating much more difficult
  • various question types, including multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, matching, fill in the blank, sequencing, and essay
  • a familiar testing environment, as it is the same software used to administer the CIL tests to all students
  • the ability to immediately release a student score upon completion or to lock the score until the entire class has finished taking the test
  • the ability to provide various levels of feedback, including no score, raw score only, score broken down by question topics, or actual questions and answers with instructor notes
  • staff programmers that can add new features to the software if you need something customized
  • built-in statistical tools to analyze and flag questions that are too difficult or too easy and to measure how students that did well on the overall test performed on a given question, assisting the instructor in finding questions that may have mistakes in them or in determining which topics students are having problems with

The CIL Lab is registered with the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) and follows their testing center guidelines. We can administer paper-based or web-based tests for non-USU courses in our testing lab on the main campus in Logan. The cost is $10 to take a test. If you have several tests to take in a given semester, we can arrange a semester-based fee rather than a test-based fee.

Generally the course instructor or distance education department from the school from which you are taking the course will need to send us materials or information, so please let them know you would like us to proctor the test for you with enough time for them to contact us and get everything set up. Please visit the CCTC website to find more information on having us proctor a test for you or to find another testing center close to you.