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100 MPG Car Instructions

  1. There is a paragraph and an image you will need to complete this test. They can be found on the website: under the 100 MPG Car information.
  2. As part of the curriculum for your Technology class, you are required to write a research report about advancements in the automotive industry. You have turned in your first draft to your professor and have been asked to make the following corrections. In order to receive full credit for the report, you will need to make the changes listed below.
  3. The report is part of a group project. One of your classmates wrote a paragraph to add to the document. Your classmate saved it on the wiki site. The text can be found under the title 100 mph car. Insert the text file as a new paragraph between the paragraphs beginning with "Last night in California..." and "This is a huge opportunity... ". The report should look professional, so be sure to format/edit the new paragraph to match the rest of the document.
  4. Fully justify the document below the title so that the text is aligned flush on the left and right sides. Be sure the title stays centered.
  5. Set all four margins to .75" (.75 inches).
  6. Change the line spacing of the entire document to be single spaced.
  7. One of your group members thought it would be informative to include a table that shows the 100-mpg contest prizes. Insert a table with two columns and four rows at the beginning of the paragraph that starts with "'The prize looks set to provide ..." The data to be placed in the table is shown below.

    100-mpg contest
    Total Prize money                $10 million
    4 Wheeled 4 Passenger       $7.5 million
    2 Passenger                         $2.5 million

    • Make the following changes to the table.
    • Merge the two cells in the first row to accommodate the title "100-mpg contest".
    • Make sure the text font and size matches the rest of the document.
    • Bold the text that is contained in the first row.
    • Center align the text in the entire table.
    • Change the overall width of the table to be 3.5" (3.5 inches).
    • Format the table so the text wraps on the left side. The right side of the table should line up with the right margin and the top of the table with the top of the paragraph.
  8. At the very top of the document, set the following two tab stops from the margin: a right tab stop at 3.25", and a right tab stop at 6.5". At the first tab enter your name and at the second tab enter your A-number. (i.e. [tab] Your Name [tab] A-number). Note: If you cannot set the tabs please type your name and A-number at the top of the document anyway.
  9. Use the software's footnote feature to insert a footnote reference at the end of the title. Move the sentence that begins with "Adapted from:" from the top of the document and place it in the footnote. Make sure the font of the footnote matches the rest of the document.
  10. Set the entire paragraph beginning with "Whether we or any..." to have a left indent of .6".
  11. In the paragraph beginning with ""This is a huge opportunity ..." insert the trademark sign immediately after the words "Delta Motorsport".
  12. Insert the picture from the wiki at the beginning of the paragraph that starts with "Last night in California..."
    • Size the picture to be 32% of the original height and width.
    • Format the picture so the text wraps on the left of the picture.
    • The top of the picture should line up with the top of the paragraph and the side of the picture should line up with the right margin.
  13. Check your document to make sure everything is still lined up properly and the fonts match, like you would any other professional document. If something looks wrong, it probably is.