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Practice Test

The following are practice questions reviewing the information in the tutorial, similar to the questions that will be on the Operating Systems test. Click on the answer you think is right and see how well you do.

How many bits are in a byte?

Which is faster, 1200 MHz or 1 GHz?

Which is larger, a a 900 KB text document or a 1 MB picture?

A music CD can hold more songs than a data CD with mp3 files.

True / False

Write Protecting a disk formats it so that information can only be read from it, not written to it.

True / False

Which of the following media can be quickly and easily rewritten multiple times among multiple computers?

Computer A has a 3 GHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM, and an 800 MHz bus. Computer B has dual 2.4 GHz processors, 768 MB RAM and the same bus speed. What should be upgraded first on Computer B if it is not running quite as fast as Computer A?

Which of the following allow you to create a digital image that can be manipulated on your computer?

AdAware is an example of virus protection software.

True / False

What virus scanning software is provided free to students, faculty, and staff that connect to the USU network as part of a university-wide site license?

Which of the following is not necessary to connect to a DSL or cable ISP?

How often should your Operating System automatically update itself?

A worm can move from computer to computer through a network with no human interaction.

True / False