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Practice Test

There are three Electronic Presentations practice tests. Each test is a little different so by trying out more than one practice test, you should have a better feel for the things that are similar across all tests and the things that vary.  You will need to download some files before you start.

  1. The instruction file will tell you the changes to make to your presentation.
  2. The image, spreadsheet, and design theme files are on the wiki page.
  3. The final version file will show you what your presentation should look like at the end.  You may have some minor differences, which is okay as long as your document looks professional. For example, if you title one of your slides "What is the point of this test?", that is unprofessional, and you would miss points for it.
  4. The graded version is a PDF that shows the print layout with the correct color options and multiple slides per page, along with how many points each item is worth.

Open a new PowerPoint presentation, download and open the instruction file, and find the chart, image, and design theme on the wiki. Follow the directions in the instruction file, making the changes to your presentation. After you have completed the practice test, download the final version file and compare it to your file. If it looks different and you can't figure out why, you may also want to refer to the graded version, which provides a little extra information.