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Environment & Society Instructions

  1. As part of your internship, you have been asked by the Environment and Society (ENVS) department head to give a presentation to potential donors on a fundraising trip. At your last meeting, the department head gave you a list of points that should be included in the presentation. Of course, since this is an important trip, you'll want to make sure the text, images, and other objects are appropriately placed and sized so it looks professional.
  2. Throughout the test you will be required to reference or download information from the CIL Wiki site. Go to and select the ENVS department.
  3. The title of the first slide should be the name of the department. In the sub-title textbox enter your name, Banner A-Number, and email address on separate lines.
  4. Insert a new slide (Slide #2) that will accomodate a bulleted list and a clipart image. On one side of the slide, enter a bulleted list of a few of the classes taught in the ENVS department. The information for this slide is found on the wiki. On the other side, insert a related clipart image.
  5. Give the slide an appropriate title.
  6. Insert a new slide (Slide #3) with a layout that will let you insert a bulleted list and a picture. In the bulleted list, include several of the research centers run by the department. On the other side of the slide, insert the picture from the wiki and apply the "Reflected Bevel, Black" picture style.
  7. Give the slide an appropriate title.
  8. Insert a new slide (Slide #4) with a layout that will let you insert a SmartArt graphic. On this slide, insert the "Process" >> "Upward Arrow" SmartArt. Enter each of the suggested donation areas from the wiki as points on the arrow. Apply the "Powder" SmartArt style to your SmartArt that you created.
  9. Give the slide an appropriate title.
  10. For the fifth slide (Slide #5) you will include an Excel chart that shows assessment results of department learning outcomes. Insert the Excel chart from the wiki and make sure it is sized appropriately.
  11. Give the slide an appropriate title.
  12. Download the ENVS department PowerPoint slide design theme from the Wiki and apply the design to all of the slides. Check your slides to make sure everything is still appropriately situated, i.e. pictures don't cover up text, etc.
  13. Change all bullets in the presentation to a planet. Several of these can be found in the Webdings font.
  14. Looking over your slides, you decide that to improve the flow of your presentation, the donation slide should be at the end. Move slide #4 so that it is after slide #5.