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Practice Test

The following are practice questions reviewing the information in the tutorial, similar to the questions that will be on the test.

Which of the following is the most accurate statement?

True / False Software licenses sometimes contain different rights for certain groups of users than for others.

Which of the following software licenses allows a user to install and run software without paying for it, but does not allow others to make changes to the software without the copyright holder's permission?

A copyright

The terms of a software license include items such as

Which of the following is the principle that governs ownership of copyright when an employee designs or creates intellectual property as part of their work duties?

Failing to cite your sources when using an idea or other portion of a work created by someone else is

Which of the following is not usually specified by an Acceptable Use Policy?

________ is unethical activity where a person sends or posts messages intended to provoke someone else into reacting.

Copyright is enforceable on intellectual property once a person has __________.

True / False Address, phone number, university classes, debts and judgements against you, and police reports involving you are all examples of public information.