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Practice Test

The following are practice questions reviewing the information in the tutorial, similar to the questions that will be on the Information Resources test.

Use the BCC field in an email to send a message to multiple recipients, so that all recipients can view the list of everyone that received the message.

True / False

Clients can connect to servers through various networks, from various devices (including from itself), and using various applications.

True / False

HTML is used to translate between domain names and IP addresses, because it is easier to remember a name like than it is to remember

True / False

Who was the first person to enter outer space and orbit the earth?

This isn't exactly a question, as much as a practice item. On the actual Information Resources test, you will need to download an attachment that we send to you, edit it, and send it back to us. You may want to add the email address to your trusted senders list or whitelist if you have one.

Create a document in Word or another favorite program and email it to yourself. Go to a different computer and once you receive it, save it somewhere that you will remember where you put it. Don't just open the file; you have to actually save it to your computer to be able to reattach it later. Edit the file and resave it, then send it back to yourself. If you are using something other than Aggiemail to receive and send the attachment, you may need to check the junk mail box, since the message from us could get filtered there.

Common problems on this item include sending back to us the unedited file, sending us an attachment that belongs to someone else, opening the file directly from the email instead of saving it to your desktop or another easy to find location, and overzealous spam blockers that filter out our message. If you have your Aggiemail forwarded to an off-campus addresses, you may want to turn that forwarding off temporarily while taking the test.

When you receive spam messages, following the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the message will eventually reduce the amount of unwanted email you receive, although it will take some time.

True / False

Email addresses are made up of two components:

Which of the following domain names could be registered by anyone, if not already taken?

When submitting information to a website that uses encryption to protect your data, you can trust that they will not use your personal information for nefarious purposes.

True / False

Cached web pages load faster, because they are have already been downloaded, so a request does not have to be sent to the web server.

True / False

When searching the library catalog or in a search engine, if you enter the phrase "pineapple plantation" (including the quotes), resources that contain which of the following phrases will be included in the search results?

Which of the following will return the fewest search results:

The following citation is for a:

Levitt, Steven D. and Stephen J. Dubner. Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. New York : William Morrow (2005).

The following citation is for a:

King, Benjamin. "Y. Botched Bowl Ticket Sales." Deseret Morning News (5 Dec 2006): A10.

Given a citation for a journal article, searching for the article title in the Library Catalog will help you find a copy of the article.

True / False

For quality research done by experts in a field, you would use primarily

Decipher the following citation and answer the question below:
Klein, Alan (2008). Globalizing sport: assessing the World Baseball Classic. Soccer and Society 9(2) pp 158-169.
To locate a copy of this item, you would need to search:

To find USU webpages that talk about nutrition, you could go to Google and type in

Klegstad, Erin. "Turning the page to a digital age." Alexandria Echo Press (14 Mar 2008).
The above citation is for a