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Legos Instructions

  1. For your drafting class, you found an article that discusses a fun technology that lets people design a house out of LEGOs. You decide to bring a copy of the article to hand out as part of a group presentation you're doing. After copying it off the web, you decide to polish it up before making handouts.
  2. One of your group members made some notes and put them on a wiki site you use for collaborating in the class. During the test you will be required to reference or download information from the CIL wiki. Go to and find the Lego for Mothers Day information.
  3. Change the line spacing of the entire document to 1.15.
  4. Format the text of the entire article below the title so each paragraph has a .3" first line indent.
  5. You want to make sure that after you add the picture and table your whole document will fit on one page so you don't waste a bunch of paper when you make your handouts for class. Change the document margins to .4" on the top, bottom, left, and right.
  6. Immediately at the end of the title of the article, add an endnote. Move the last line of the article that contains the author's name to the endnote.
  7. A group member realized a paragraph from the original story somehow got deleted from your file. He put a copy of that paragraph on the wiki page for you to put back in the story. Copy the paragraph beginning with "After taking..." from the wiki page. Insert it as a new paragraph in the document between the paragraphs beginning with "Now I wanted..." and "For this article..." The handout should look professional, so be sure to format/edit the new paragraph to match the rest of the document.
  8. Format the document below the title and story URL, so that the text is justified on the left and right sides.
  9. One of your group members thought it would be informative to include information on the amount of money people spend buying gifts for Mother's Day. Insert a table with 2 columns and 7 rows at the beginning the paragraph that starts with "For mother's day..." The data to be placed in the table is shown below.

    2009 Mother's Day Gift Spending
    $2.7 billion     Dinner
    $2.3 billion     Jewelry
    $1.9 billion     Flowers
    $1.5 billion     Gift Cards
    $1.2 billion     Clothing
    $1.1 billion     Personal Services

    • Merge the cells in the first row so the table title will fit.
    • Enter the data listed above in the table.
    • Center align the text in the first line.
    • Make sure the text font and size matches the rest of the document.
    • Change the width of the table to be 3.00".
    • Format the table so the text wraps around the left side of the table. The edges of the table should line up with the right margin and the top of the paragraph by which you inserted it.
  10. Insert the image that came with the story by the beginning of the paragraph the starts with "Now I wanted...". It is saved on the wiki site.
    • Size the graphic to be 53% of the original height and width.
    • Format and position it so the text wraps on the left side of the picture. The edges of the image should line up with the right margin and the top of the paragraph.
  11. At the very top of the document, on a blank line above the story URL, set a right tab stop at the right margin. Enter your name on that first line, then tab to the tab stop you just set and enter your A-number (i.e., Name [tab] A-number). If you cannot set the tab, please still type your name and A-number at the top of the document.
  12. In the title near the top of the document, enter a Trademark sign immediately after the word LEGO.
  13. Check your document to make sure everything is still lined up properly and the fonts match, like you would any other professional document. If something looks wrong, it probably is.