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Practicing Physicians Instructions

  1. In cells B1, B2, and B3, respectively, type your name, Banner A - number, and date.
  2. Format the titles "Practicing Physicians" in cell B5 to 14 pt. bold and "Per 1000 Population" in cell B6 to bold.
  3. Merge and center the contents of cell B5 across the cells B5 through J5. Merge and center the contents of cell B6 across the cells B6 through J6.
  4. Increase the width of columns C through J so that they are 13 points wide.
  5. Increase the width of column B so that all the country names can be read.
  6. Format the values in cells I9 to I30 to display one decimal place.
  7. In cell C31 enter the function (not a formula) to calculate the total physicians per 1000 for the first year of the study for all the countries combined.
  8. Make the same calculation for the rest of the years of the study by copying the function in cell C31 to cells D31 through I31.
  9. Sort all the physician data by the year 2005 data from largest to smallest and then by the year 2000 data from smallest to largest.
    • Note: Make sure the integrity of the data is not lost so that all the labels still correspond to the data. Do not include column headers or the total row in the sort.
  10. We need to calculate the growth index for each year by comparing the yearly total to the grand average. In cell C32, calculate the growth index by dividing the yearly total for 2000 by the grand average in B34, using an absolute cell reference for B34.
  11. In cells D32 through H32, calculate the growth index for each year by copying the formula in cell C32 to cells D32 through H32.
  12. Center align all of the labels in cells C8 through I8.
  13. In cell J9, enter a function to show which nations increased doctors from the year 2000 to the year 2005. Compare the first nation's year 2000 score to the first nations year 2005 score. If the nation's 2005 score is greater than or equal to the nation's 2000 score, display the text "Success", but if the score is less than the average, display the text "Failure".
  14. Copy the function in cell J9 to cells J10 through J30.
  15. Enclose the contents of cells H32, I31, and J30 in quotes so the formula or function texts are visible.
  16. Create a column chart that shows the data for years 2000, 2001, and 2002 for the first four countries. Be sure the chart has all of the following attributes:
    • The legend of the chart corresponds with the labels in C8 through E8.
    • The horizontal axis labels correspond with the data in B9 through B12.
    • The title of the chart is "Physicians - Your full name".
    • The horizontal axis label is "Countries".
    • The vertical axis label is "Physicians per 1000".
    • Include the chart in the current spreadsheet. Choose a position and size that does not cover any other data and allows all chart titles and labels to be visible.
  17. Examine the chart. Based on the information shown in the chart, which country has the lowest number of doctors through the years? Type the answer in cell B36 of the data sheet.
  18. Set up the data sheet to print landscape on one page only. Check your file using Print Preview.