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Practice Test

There are two Spreadsheets practice tests. Each test is a little different so by trying out more than one practice test, you should have a better feel for the things that are similar across all tests and the things that vary.  You will need to download some files before you start.

  1. The initial file is the one you will edit.
  2. The instruction file will tell you the changes to make to the initial file.
  3. The final version file will show you what the file should look like at the end.  You may have some slight differences, but your document should look almost exactly the same as this file.
  4. The graded file is the same as the final file, plus notes on how many points each item you were asked to do is worth.

Download the initial and instruction files. Follow the directions in the instruction file, making the changes to the inital file. After you have completed the practice test, download the final version file and compare your test. If it looks different and you can't figure out why, you may also want to refer to the graded file, which provides a little extra information.