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University Courses

For students who have minimal computer background, taking a course such as USU 1000 (1 credit) or OSS 1400 (3 credits) may be appropriate. Remember, simply passing a class will not meet the CIL requirement. The Short Courses taught by the CIL staff are another good way to brush up on skills required for the tests. 

USU 1000

Course Syllabus

USU 1000 is taught in large sections in a media-enhanced classroom. During class time students will learn CIL skills via lecture and demonstration, with time for questions and answers. The tests for the course will be the actual CIL tests to be taken in the CIL lab (ESLC 131). The tests can be taken as many times as needed. Although the exams in general have no specific deadline, the course will have deadlines outlined in the syllabus that must be met in order to pass the class. A student can still fulfill the CIL requirement by completing all the tests, even if an F is received for USU 1000 because of missing course deadlines.

USU 1000 is a seven week Pass/Fail course taught during the first half of Fall and Spring semesters, taught by the CIL director or one of the CIL staff.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of CIL exam
  • Establishing an Aggiemail account
  • Overview of computer hardware, software, and terminology
  • Proctecting your computer
  • Using Email
  • Basics of Internet Use
  • Using the Library catalog
  • Choosing the correct resource from the Library
  • Basics of Word Processing
  • Basics of Spreadsheets
  • Basics of Electronic Presentations
  • Ethics in Computing

There are typically two main campus sections of USU 1000.

Spring 2011:
10935 USU 1000, TR (9:00-9:50)
10936 USU 1000, MW (12:30-1:30)

There is also the opportunity to take the course online.

OSS 1400

This course is administered through the MIS department, so CIL has no control over its content. The CIL tests are not officially administered as part of the course, but all the necessary skills to pass CIL, plus some more advanced skills, are covered. Instructors will generally grant extra credit in the course for passing the CIL tests.