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The competencies for the Spreadsheet Test are as follows:

  1. Retrieve, modify, format, save, and print a spreadsheet.
  2. Copy and update data.
  3. Calculate with formulae, math functions, and if functions.
  4. Sort data by two columns at the same time.
  5. Create, save, retrieve, print and interpret a graph or chart from data.

This test consists of an initial document file and a set of instructions to be followed. The initial document file will open when TAKE TEST is clicked. A list of instructions to perform on the initial file will be given in the testing program. When the instructions display, scroll down so you can see all of the instructions for the test. Follow them to complete the test. Select FINISHED when you are finished with the test.

You must have the instruction and initial file open at the same time and multitask between the two. Most people size the instruction file at the top of the screen and put the working file at the bottom. [see example]  

The Spreadsheet test is graded manually and your pass/fail status will be emailed to your USU email account with one working day of you taking the test. You will need to score 70% or higher to pass this exam. If you passed, congratulations! If not, you may want to study the tutorial and try again.

>> Launch Tutorial

>> Practice Test