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Short Courses

Short Courses are intended for those students who have some knowledge of the subject but want a little extra help. This is ideal for students who have not used the latest version of software, learned it a couple of years ago and need to brush up, or simply need some clarification on what they read in the tutorial.

Short Courses are taught every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6:20 if a student RSVPs before 4 PM on the day of the short course. To RSVP, use this link: If no one RSVPs, then there will not be a short course on that day. You may also stop by the lab anytime with any questions you may have.

Short courses take place in ESLC 130. It is a good idea to come having read the tutorial, with some idea of the skills or competencies you need help with, so we don't waste your time explaining items that you may already know. It is especially helpful if you have already taken the test and come with a list of the areas where you missed the most points. 

You may also contact a CIL Technician at to set up an appointment to review one of the tests or enroll in USU 1000.

There are no Short Courses during University Holidays and breaks. Summer courses are available by appointment.

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Day Test Instructor
1/18/2011 (Tuesday) Information Law & Ethics Brian
1/20/2011 (Thursday) Information Resources Amber
1/25/2011 (Tuesday) Spreadsheets Brian
1/27/2011 (Thursday) Document Processing Jashley
2/1/2011 (Tuesday) Electronic Presentations Brian
2/3/2011 (Thursday) Information Law & Ethics Amber
2/8/2011 (Tuesday) Computer Systems Brian 
2/10/2011 (Thursday) Spreadsheets Aaron
2/15/2011 (Tuesday) Document Processing Brian
2/17/2011 (Thursday) Electronic Presentations Amber
2/22/2011 (Tuesday) Document Processing Brian
2/24/2011 (Thursday) Computer Systems Aaron
3/1/2011 (Tuesday) Computer Systems Brian
3/3/2011 (Thursday) Information Resources Andrea
3/8/2011 (Tuesday) SPRING BREAK (none)
3/10/2011 (Thursday) SPRING BREAK (none)
/15/2011 (Tuesday) Electronic Presentations Brian
3/17/2011 (Thursday) Information Law & Ethics Andrea 
3/22/2011 (Tuesday) Computer Systems Brian
3/24/2011 (Thursday) Electronic Presentations Jashley
3/29/2011 (Tuesday) Computer Systems Brian
3/31/2011 (Thursday) Spreadsheets Jashley 
4/5/2011 (Tuesday) Spreadsheets Brian
4/7/201 (Thursday) Document Processing Aaron
4/12/2011 (Tuesday) Computer Systems Brian
4/14/2011 (Thursday) Electronic Presentations Jashley
4/19/2011 (Tuesday) Document Processing Brian
4/21/2011 (Thursday) Spreadsheets Aaron 
4/26/2011 (Tuesday) Information Law & Ethics Brian
4/28/2011 (Thursday) Spreadsheets Andrea